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John Bolton urges GOP leaders to explain to voters how 'Trump has lost the election' and that claims of voting fraud are 'baseless'

On Sunday, the former national security adviser called on leaders of the Republican party to come forward and recognize Joe Biden as the president-elect and inform voters on how claims of voting fraud are "baseless." I think this is a character test for the Republican party," he said on ABC's This Week. President Trump Tweeted on Sunday that he is not conceding.

Former White House National Security Adviser John Bolton called on Republican leaders to "explain" to voters that President Donald Trump, his former boss, has lost the election to President-elect Joe Biden and that claims of widespread election fraud are "baseless."

The election was called by Fox News, the Associated Press and other television networks in Biden's favor on November 7, after it became clear that the Democratic president-elect had won Pennsylvania and Nevada. Trump has refused to concede, pushing unfounded claims without evidence that Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris won fraudulently.

"I think it's very important for leaders of the Republican Party to explain to our voters—who are not as stupid as the Democrats think—that in fact Trump has lost the election and that his claims of election fraud are baseless," Bolton, who served in Trump's White House from April 2018 to September 2019, told ABC News' This Week on Sunday.

The prominent Republican pointed out that the Trump campaign's litigation in key battleground states has "failed consistently."

"Right now the Trump campaign is doing the legal equivalent of pinching pennies," he said.

Bolton suggested that Republican leaders are "getting ready" to publicly accept the election results, despite many GOP senators and congressmen overtly or tacitly supporting the president's claims. "I think this is a character test for the Republican Party," he said. "I don't buy the argument that Donald Trump has hypnotized Republican voters or that they're not capable of accepting the truth."

Source: NewsWeek

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